DSAPI Christmas Party

Sunday, December 5 · 2:00am – 6:00pm
Multi-Purpose Covered Court, San Lorenzo Village, Makati City
Families of children with Down Syndrome are invited to attend. Please come in RED or GREEN. There will be a Christmas Costume Contest for kids with Down Syndrome and their brothers & sisters. Be a colorful Christmas tree or Christmas character or Christmas decorations. Separate cash prizes await the winner for the most original and most creative. Lots of prizes for a RAFFLE draw are lined up with a Grand Prize of P5,000!!! … Families who will pay their yearly dues will be entitled to a Raffle Ticket. Those who will pay their back dues will have more chances of winning. As one DSAPI family, let’s celebrate this season of joy!

EXCHANGE GIFT: Gifts should be “according to the child’s age” with a minimum of P100.00 per gift.

POTLUCK: Each family should “bring food”. Food will be based according to the age of your child with Down Syndrome. Please bring the food that you are assigned to. You may refer from the list below:

1 – 4 years old : Pansit Bihon or Pansit Canton (good for 25 persons)
5 – 9 years old : Barbeque (good for 25 persons)
10 – 15 years old : Pansit Bihon or Pansit Canton (good for 25 persons)
16 years & above : Barbeque (good for 25 persons)